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Archive working point 2014

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In order to to further strengthen the work of planning, forward-looking, systematic, work to forge ahead, with the development strategy in the new semester, the work    conference was held in  our archive on March 6, 2014, and meeting convened by the director Zhang Xueyong.

First of all, all of us learned points to the work of Southwest Jiao Tong University in 2014, and then we discussed the development strategyof SWJTU.

Secondly, combined with the work of SWJTU in 2014, outline of archive was made.

I.Overall requirements and objectives:Into the mainstream, stronthen base, have bright spot, higher level

II. Work point

i. According to the schedule, based on the previous work, to further promote the history museum construction work.

ii. To complete the "trade union work in" published work; for 120 anniversary of SWJTU, actively assist and participate in the "Southwest Jiao Tong University history" compilation work of volume five.

iii. Strengthen management of archives collection, using, filing, and make archives management systematize and standardization.

iv. Strengthen the propaganda of archives, actively serve for teachers and students, to write "Enter archives" brochure.

v. In order to make the archives work get into a higher level, and actively carry out the work of archival informationization with drawing lessons from domestic and foreign advanced experience,

Through active discussions, we get a the clear tasks, and we will do our work with great enthusiasm in the new semester.