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Tangshan Transportation University panorama in 1930s

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  Recently, Tangshan Jiaotong University’s panorama in the 1930s was collected. This old photo of 1.96 meters long, 0.21 meters wide is basically preserved well. According to professional photographyer’s analysis, the photo was taken in the Campus playground. From right to left, there were wall (east), gate, East New Dormitory, East Hall, East Building Dormitory, Office Building, Library, West Building Dormitory,  West Hall, Chemistry Room, Wall(west) and other buildings, and the football field, basketball courts and other campus scenery. From the picture we can see clearly, many trees in the 1930s’ campus. Most of the buildings was shade under the trees. In the lower part of the photograph, the name of each building was neatly marked with brush in official script.

  It is understood, such a big old photo is very rare. There is few existing old photos of length more than 1.5 meters in the 1930s-1940s in China. This photo shoot is of high quality, which is remained the original appearance with no deformation. Professional analysis, shooting such pictures not only need advanced equipment but also higher technical requirements of photography.

  This old photo is the only panoramic big old photos of Tangshan Jiaotong University we currently found, which has a very high historical value and provides the important image information for the development of Jiaotong University’s history study .It is vevy precious.

Tangshan Transportation University panorama in 1930s